Indian Wifi market to boom! To cross 744 Million $ by 2012

According to a new report “The Future for Wi-Fi in India: Opportunities and Challenges“, the combined Wi-Fi market in the country is expected to exceed $744 million by 2012.

The report outlines the emerging Wi-Fi ecosystem in India, profiles innovative companies and institutions that are leveraging the technology, and predicts that as laptop adoption and broadband penetration increase, Wi-Fi will experience wide adoption already seen in other markets.

Among the key findings in the paper:

— As broadband wireless access grows, the WLAN network gear sector will exceed $275 Million by 2011-12 (not including embedded chips), up from the current $23.1 Million.
— The combined Wi-Fi market (described as consisting of WLAN networking gear, systems integration, professional services and not including embedded devices and laptops) is expected to exceed $744 million by 2012 (CAGR of 61.4%).
— Hybrid Wi-Fi and WiMAX deployments are bringing broadband connectivity to previously unconnected rural and urban areas alike
— Dual-mode Wi-Fi / cellular handsets show promise for bringing higher-throughput internet connectivity to numerous Indian citizens who do not own computers.

The entire report can be downloaded here (its 4.15 MB in size!)



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