Future of Intel’s ultramobile PC?

April 13, 2007

I found an interesting video that outlines what the future of UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) might actually look like..


iFeedPod: Read RSS Feeds on Your iPod

March 9, 2007


Imagine if you could read all of your favourite RSS feeds on your iPod? That’s possible thanks to iFeedPod, a program that collects all the news from your feeds and copies them to your iPod so you can keep track of Coolest Gadgets and your favourite blogs and read the news anywhere you want to.

The program is very simple to use, all you need to do is add the RSS feeds and in the next sync, your iPod will become your coolest news aggregator. The iFeedPod can handle either Atom or RSS feeds, and is compatible with Macs only. The new version 1.12 is Universal Binary works with Intel Macs, as well as on PowerPC Macs. The program supports any iPod that’s compatible with Notes.

If you’re constantly stuck in a traffic jam, or have to take long trips on the bus or the subway, reading RSS feeds on your iPod can be very useful indeed.

Click here to download iFeedPod 1.12 now.

Via Apple Gazette.

Rollable Displays

March 8, 2007

The new generation of display technology is a fact. Watch the video about the e-ink display that is totally rollable, created by Polymer Vision. Electronic paper displays which can be rolled up have been developed by E Ink.

Cool Your Rear

March 7, 2007

Looking for a way to cool off at work, but don’t want a loud annoying fan blowing in your face? If so, there’s now a solution – the USB Powered Cooling Cushion:

Rear end chiller

This $50 Japanese device blows a constant stream of chilled air from down below, and is powered directly from any USB plug on your computer. Found via TechEBlog

Logisys Optical Finger Mouse

March 5, 2007


Fingers will no longer be meant for rings alone – what with computer mice wanting to adorn them too. Please welcome yet another innovation from Asia – the Logisys optical finger mouse. Using it is pretty straightforward. Just strap it on your index finger and move your finger around to move the cursor on the screen. Using the dual mouse buttons and the scroll wheel with your thumb, the rest of the mouse functions become accessible. As it’s an 800 dpi mouse, it works on nearly any surface, except, as with all optical mice, reflective glass surfaces.

The obvious advantage of this mouse lies in the fact that it requires so little surface area and would be ideal in cramped places. Though it can probably help those suffering from RSI related injuries, I have concerns whether this would end up creating more stress on the index finger. The big negative for me is that this is a wired mouse. After I’m done with my work, I’m used to just moving away from my workplace. With this mouse strapped to me, one moment of forgetfulness has the potential to drag away my entire system along with me. Cost and the size of the mouse seem to have been concerns leading the manufacturer to go the wired USB way.