Indian Spoof On iPhone

March 15, 2007

I just found something funny on iPhone. Thanx to the guys at Mutiny.

Apparently, Apple Inc is secretly working on a draft plan to release a customised iPhone to capture the Indian market. Here is some exclusive information about a ’special button’ that activates a plethora of amazing features.

Special Features:
Miss-call Management Service Integrated allows you to make calls to friends without giving them a milli-second to pick up your call.

Irritating Ringtone Killer allows you drain the battery of the offending phones in your area.

Misleading Voice Message Generator plays auto generated voice messages to your boss/parents/wife leading them to think that your phone is busy or out of coverage area.

Gutter & Pothole Manouevering System gives you updated reports on the size, depth and physical state of gutters and potholes on your way to work.

Emergency Feign Death Mode is activated automatically once a user in your STL (Suspicious Tresspasser List) like your dad or mom attempts to access the recent call history or some private folders.

Replace Current Wallpaper with Wife’s Photo mode is well, self-explanatory.

Bulk Conversion of all Pirated Windows Softwares is included considering public demand.

Note: Requests to imprint the price of the phone on the back will be considered in the next release.


Lame “Get a Mac” Parodies Spread to iPhones

March 4, 2007


Ow. You know, with as low a hit-rate as amateur humor has, it’s sometimes incredible that people ever create little bits of digital comedy that really work. The image above comes from one such failed attempt, a comic strip “Get a Mac” for the iPhone and a Samsung BlackJack. I will say, though, it is nice to have the Apple product be the humble and earnest one instead of the snide device with all the features.

I won’t point out all the factual inaccuracies (iPhone has push Yahoo mail, we don’t know anything about appointments yet, interface is more important than features), I’ll just enjoy a humble Apple product.

Hi I’m an iPhone. And I’m a Smartphone. – istartedsomething:

Via Digg.

Article By Pete Mortensen (Wired)