Future of Intel’s ultramobile PC?

April 13, 2007

I found an interesting video that outlines what the future of UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) might actually look like..


The Best Film Ever Made About Google

March 24, 2007

This Google movie depicts that in coming years, the entire information in the world will be collected and controlled by Google and that may be a scary development.

It’s an irony that although the video is against Google, it’s hosted and served from a Google owned property – Youtube.

World’s Fattest Man In Mexico

March 15, 2007

Manuel Uribe is the Worlds fattest man and he lives in mexico. His Starting weight was 580 kg/1200 pound. Now he had a weight loss surgery and lost 160 kg/350 pound in a few months. He is still over 400kg/850 pound…After five years he was able to leave his house and came out on the street and celebrate his weight loss.

Secret places of the Earth

March 9, 2007

Great video showing secret places of our planet via Google Earth software.


Rollable Displays

March 8, 2007

The new generation of display technology is a fact. Watch the video about the e-ink display that is totally rollable, created by Polymer Vision. Electronic paper displays which can be rolled up have been developed by E Ink.

Snickers – Don’t stop

March 7, 2007

Cool new Snickers tv commercial aired in the Middle East

DHL Delivers Everything

March 7, 2007

I am considering them for my next order ;o)