Future of Intel’s ultramobile PC?

April 13, 2007

I found an interesting video that outlines what the future of UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) might actually look like..


The Best Film Ever Made About Google

March 24, 2007

This Google movie depicts that in coming years, the entire information in the world will be collected and controlled by Google and that may be a scary development.

It’s an irony that although the video is against Google, it’s hosted and served from a Google owned property – Youtube.

Corporate logos in Web 2.0 era

March 10, 2007

Funny redesign of famous logos in Web 2.0 style.

Zamzar: Free Online File Conversion

March 9, 2007

zamzar online file conversion

One of the best file conversion sites I can find on web these days!!

You use it by first uploading a document from file or from a URL. Then a powerful unseen force (I like to imagine a magical file-converting goblin, by the name of Zamzar, of course) converts the file into a compatible filetype of your choosing and sends you an e-mail when it’s ready to download. Zamzar supports a whole slew of text, image, audio, and video files, and, most importantly, it’s completely free!

It’s not hard to see the usefulness of an app like this, especially for quick, practical conversions like Word document to PDF. But the real fun is in grabbing files from sites like YouTube, which Zamzar makes even easier by providing a “Convert with Zamzar” button that you can drag onto your Firefox bookmarks toolbar.

Thank you, Zamzar, you great and mystical goblin, for expanding the file-format horizons of my world!


Shift happens

March 4, 2007

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This is something anyone who wants to understand Web 2.0 – and the seismic change it is going to have on what we do, who we know and what we want – needs to see:Now the question is, how do we in a Web 2.0 world get anything done?